I Had A Tummy Ache

I got sick.

I cannot say much more but I hope I have learned not to eat stuff in the street when my mom is not looking. Included in that is the beach where mom lets me run with my friends. When she is not looking and I find something smelly, be it good or bad, I like to put it in my mouth. I probably will do it again even though I know I should not.

Well I think I must have put something bad into my mouth. My tummy started hurting. I could not stop throwing up. Then I guess I irritated something inside my body and there was blood mixed with the throw-up. There was no food at all in the throw-up, just foamy stuff and some blood.

I know this sounds gross and I am telling you. It was pretty gross for me too. Plus my tummy hurt…BAD. I could not stop throwing-up. I was panting because of all the energy my body was using up trying to get the bad stuff out of my body.

Mom stayed up with me all night. She would sleep a little bit and then when I moved she would wake up and put her hand on me to try and reassure me that all would be ok and that she was there.

Teli resting on the sheepskin pillow

Teli resting on the sheepskin pillow

Mom kept trying to give me water but I did not want any. She put one of my cracker papers near because she knows I love to chew on them but I ignored it. I know she was afraid and I must admit that I was getting afraid also.

Mom tried to take me out in the morning but I just did not want to go. I stood at the door of the building where we live and put my paws on mom, the way I tell her when I do not want to go somewhere or do something. She took me back into the apartment and then she was on the phone.

About 1 1/2 hours later my friend Fernando, Blancos dad, came and took us for a ride in his car to a dog doctor.

The doctor took my into the office and put me on the table. His helper was holding me and mom was there close to me. The doctor was squeezing my tummy and talking about stuff to mom. He then stuck a needle into my leg and took out my blood to test it.

Teli with the Vet assistant at ASM Veterinaria

Teli with the Vet assistant at ASM Veterinaria

They put me in a dog crate to wait for the results. I was not really happy in there but it was to protect me in case some mean dog came into the office. I cried. Mom said it was the first time she ever heard me cry like that. As far as I remember I do not think I ever made that type of noise before.

The test results came back that my tummy was irritated from throwing up and some of my results were elevated and another was down..whatever that means. The doctor gave me a few more shots and mom a list of medicines that she needed to give me for 10 days. Omeprazol, Pimperan and Ampicilina.

I have been very good about taking my medicine so far. Mom puts the pills in my mouth and holds my head up and I swallow. The liquid medicine does not really taste good but I lick it up because I know mom will dump in into my throat if I do not.

I am not permitted to eat anything until later today. I cannot wait because I am really hungry. When mom took me out to the park this morning I tried to steal a nice looking bone I saw. But mom was watching me real closely and I could not get away with trying to chew on ONE little tiny bone….jeeezzz..

Teli busted trying to eat a bone

Teli busted trying to eat a bone

I just have to wait until later today to put some food into my empty tummy. I am feeling so much better. I even started chewing on my favorite cracker paper again. Life is good!

Thank you all for helping me. Rachael, Fernando, Beryl, Lisa, Doctor Frisa at ASM Veterinaria and his helper, the friendly ladies working at the office, the Apollo Taxi man that drove us home, Mammy for calling to see if I was OK and all my Facebook friends for sending prayers and good wishes my way. Thank you all.

Thank you to all my friends love Teli

Thank you to all my friends love Teli

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