Rolling in Dead Things

I love going to the little beach, Playita Montecinos, in the mornings to play with my friends. My friends teach me new things sometimes. They taught me to run around and jump on stuff. They taught me to chase after stuff. They taught me how to dig in the sand.

Digging in the sand

Digging in the sand

Today I was alone on the beach. None of my friends showed up. Mom and I were walking along the edge where the surf hits. I like to get as close as I can without getting wet. While we were walking I got a whiff of something sweet to my nose.

Now my mom likes to put Lavender or Tee Tree scented oils on my collar as she says it keeps the bugs away. I sort of like those smells but when I smelt this new odor I thought I would just use it as my own little perfume and went over to check it out.

I remember one of my friends rolling around on his back and wiggling around. It looked like fun so I thought I would give it a try when I came across this smell. It was the only way I could get it on my body because remember I don’t have hands like my mom does.

I was really enjoying rolling around. The smell was getting stronger on my body that my mom had just bathed a few days before. Mom came over to check it out and she had a terrible look on her face. Like she did not like my choice of perfumes. Hmmm.. I liked her smells wonder why she did not like mine.

She looked down to see what it was and she noticed the little worms crawling out of the sand. Someone put a dead thing under the sand and I found it, worms and all.

Well, we did not stay at the beach for long. She put the leash on me and we headed for home. The entire walk back my mom was making yucky sounds like “oowwhhh” and “eewww” while holding the back of her hand to her nose and making funny squinchy faces.

We got home and she took me directly to the bath. I was soaped down and dried off. She had a nice look on her face again. All was well with the world and my choice of perfumes was washed off my body and I was permitted to go to the bed and sit on the sofa.

If she was not sure she liked my new perfume she does not have to worry. I remember where my ripe buried treasure was and will probably go there again for a roll upon as soon as I get another chance.

2 thoughts on “Rolling in Dead Things

  1. way to go Teli, if you like that perfume smell you keep rolling in the smell…….Yeah Teli, the Dominican Dog

    • Thanks Mammy. I wish my mommy felt the same as you. I will have to come and visit you and find some of my special perfume and share it with you.

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