I Love To Jump!

I like to jump. My mom enjoys when I jump. People like it when I jump. I must say I am an exceptional jumper.

I learned my lesson about jumping when I do not see where I am going to land when I jumped off, or should I say, when I tried to fly off the 2 ½ floor of the Montecino statue. I will not do that again. It hurt. If you want to read about me Taking the Jump its here.

When I want to go someplace and am getting tired of mom standing there and talking, and talking, and talking, I do a little jump to remind her that I am here and I want to go. Most of the time she listens to me and other times she just continues with the blah, blah, blah.

Mom never has her camera ready to catch me jumping. She tries and tries but I am just way too fast for her.

One morning on our walk I saw a fast moving lizard and had to make chase. Mom had her camera out and got me jumping over the shrubs in my park. I really enjoy chasing lizards. They are really fast and they run in and out of the bushes making it impossible to catch them. I really do not want to catch one. They look like they would taste really bad. I just want to enjoy the hunt.

Teli in mid air after a lizard

The back-side of my jump

Landing while chasing a lizard

So mom got her pictures and she was all happy. When mom is happy I am happy so I kept jumping for her. She was taking more pictures. Most she took she never caught me in the air but she did get a couple decent ones.

Teli jumping for mom

All my dog feet off the ground

I know mom will keep trying to get a really good picture of me jumping. I am starting to enjoy being photographed so much. I like the attention and I also like to make my mom happy. Also, jumping makes lots of people laugh. I like that too. Making people smile and enjoy themselves. I think this is why I am here, to make my mom happy and also to make others happy. This is my purpose in life. I love my life and I love jumping!

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