Puppies Need A Home 10-2012

My mom and I were taking a walk and as always people like to stop and talk to us. They like to tell my mom about their dogs and about dogs they know. We both enjoy the stories.

One day a nice lady stopped us and said she found 2 puppies in the street. She took them home and got them back to being healthy. She had both females sterilized, de-wormed (yuck), got them all their shots (a bigger yuck) and all the good stuff healthy dogs need. She cannot keep these cute puppies because she already has some dogs of her own. She asked us to help her find a home for these cuties.

If you want to adopt these little girls she will give the leash, collar, and the food dishes. The puppies are in Santo Domingo but she will deliver them to you wherever you are in Dominican Republic if necessary.

If you want more pictures we have a few more. Ar’nt these little girls just way too cute? They are fat and playful. Why not give them a home. You can contact me at teli@colonialzone-dr.com or even better send an email directly to Javiera (javiera.manriquez85@gmail.com), the wonderful lady who is taking care of these babies.

Puppies need a home

Ar’nt we cute? We have all our medical stuff

Adopt us. We would love to have you as our parents.

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