Making Friends in the Mornings 9-8-2012

I love my morning walks. The earlier the better for me. It is nice and quiet out then. there are no cars in the streets. There are no kids screaming in the school next door. I can just relax and enjoy the outside.

Mom takes me down Calle las Damas usually. She lets me off the leash now when we are on that street if there are no cars. If a car does come down the street she jumps to the middle of the road to make it slow down and calls me to get on the leash. I am just not very car-smart so it is good she is watching out for me.

Calle Las Damas with no cars.


When we get to my park, Parque Rosado or Plaza Pellerano Castro as it is officially called, I get to greet my dog neighbors and dog friends if they are out at the same time. I like to see who I can meet and greet. It is my park and I need to know who comes and goes at all times. It is my duty.

Vigilant Dominican Dog

Vigilantly watching and waiting for my friends

Mom has not taken pictures of all my friends because she does not always carry her camera. I like her to take pictures but sometimes it is nice when she is not always trying to get me to do something she thinks is cute. Sometimes I just want to play without that thing in my face.

This is my friend Vago. He lives down the street from me. I like him but his daddy always keeps him on his leash because he likes to run so we cannot play like I really like to.

Vago and I romping

Sometimes Vago (which is short for Vagabond) cannot come outside when I am there but he usually watches mom and I pass by his house from his balcony. Can you see him peeking out from his balcony?

Vago watching from his balcony

Binky lives in front of the park. His daddy had him far away for the picture this day.

Binky with his daddy


Then there is my friend Clifford. He is is funny little red dog. I like jumping around with him. His mommy is really nice also.

Clifford and Teli.

One of my favorite playmates is this new little puppy. I know it she will get big soon but I need to teach her the ropes in MY park. She looks up to me and I so enjoy jumping around with Lalo. She has really pretty eyes too.

Lalo and I


A new picture mom took as an update to my friends page today (Oct. 14). I like playing with Blanco. He is a little too energetic for me sometimes but he makes me get lots of exercise.

My Friends Lalo and Blanco having a romp.

I need to get pictures of my other friends.

When there is no one to play with I like to watch the chickens down at the Marine base through the fence. If they make their way into the park I give chase. They need to stay near their home so they do not get hurt. Mom highlighted them so you can see them.

Keeping an eye on the chickens

So, this is my mornings when I get to take my little morning walks to the park. I so enjoy my park.

dominican dog teli in the park

Me just walking around my park

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