Sleeping – Invasion of Privacy #1

My mom and I were relaxing in the bed last night. She rolled the tv in so we could watch a little before sleeping. We usually do not have the tv in the bedroom so this was a special occasion. Little did I know she HAD to bring in the camera also. I think she is in love with that camera.

So we were just hanging out and relaxing as much as possible with that stupid camera in my face.

Teli, Dominican Dog, in bed relaxing

I decided to get more comfortable and there she went again with the camera. I was getting tired and by this time I did not care if she had the camera focused on me or not. I was on my back so comfortable, exposing all my private parts. When I saw the picture she took I made her crop out those most embarrassing private parts on my underbelly. She called it my sexy pose. I just call it embarrassing. I mean, common mom..

Teli, The Dominican Dog, getting comfortable

I wiggled around a little bit, found my stuffed cow named, imagine this, Cow-cow and passed out for the night. I love my Cow-cow. My friend Jana originally gave it to my grandma, Mammy. When I came to live here my mom thought that I would like it more than Mammy. She was right. Thank you Jana for the present and thank you Mammy for letting me keep it.

Teli in bed with Cow-cow

I hope mom does not decide to bring the camera to bed every night. Wont she be surprised if someday I learn how to take pictures. I would wait until she is sleeping and snap away. Then I would post them on her blog for all the world to see. See how she would like it. On my training list..learn how to use camera..hehehe.

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