Eating an Ice Cream Cone

My mom took me to Parque Duarte to meet our friend Harold. I like Harold. He does not really pet me much but hes always smiling at me and being nice to me. This hot and humid day he decided we needed some ice cream. When the helados man came riding by on his little cart ringing the bell he called him over. That bell used to frighten me but not anymore.

Mom got an ice cream cone. She let me have the first lick. Wasn’t that nice of her?

My mom giving me the first lick of the cone.

I got some on my nose. It was really drippy and melting fast but between mom and I we licked the sweet cake tasting ice cream fast. Harold was smart, he got his ice cream in a cup.

Teli eating ice cream and getting it on her nose

Thank you Harold for the yummy treat.

Yes, mom and I shared the cone. Do you have a problem with that?

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