Blowing Bubbles

My mom got some bubble gum. I do not know why I never noticed what the pink gooey stuff she puts in her mouth could do. It was amazing!

Seeing bubbles for the first time.

I got so excited I had to let the mom know that I wanted to check out those pink round things coming from her pursed lips. She would get the funniest expression on her face. It would get all puckered up! A bubble would come out.

“common mom! Show me one of those bubbles”

“Where is that bubble?”

“She scrunches up her face. Now I am getting really excited”

“Oh! Oh! There it is!”

Boy oh boy. That is amazing! I want to learn how to do that trick just like my mom does it, except I hope that my face does not look like hers does when she is blowing a big bubble. If I did not know her so well and love her that face she makes blowing bubbles would really frighten me.

by: Inteliperra

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