My Bone Collection

My mom likes to give me bones for me to chew on. They keep me busy even after the meat and all the juices are gone I still like to chew on them from time to time.

My mom made me some special bowls so I can keep my treasures bones organized so when I need one I can go to one of the bowls. These bowls are made out of an old coconut shell that was split in half. Then she took the top of a big blue bottle of water to make the base of the bowl so it did not tip over. I have 2 of these. One on the coffee type table in the living room and one next to my food bowl.

Dominican Dog - Telis Bone Bowl

Dominican Dog – Telis Bone Bowl

This picture mom just took has my treasures on the table where they always are. This way I can pick any bone at any time.

So today I was having some fun while mom was working early. We got back from our walk and mom started working. She was really busy and so was I. I was trying to decide which bone I wanted. None were quite making the cut. Not even the cow horn that mom gave me. Nothing was good. So I just decided to take a nap and retreated to my little hiding spot under the table next to the bed.

Mom came in to check on me and to spend a few minutes petting me and talking to me. I heard her laughing so I came out from under the table to see what was so funny. She was looking at the bed laughing at my bone display.

Dominican Dog - Telis Bone Collection Display

Dominican Dog – Telis Bone Collection Display

She had the sheet nice and neat but, of course, I had to mess that all up. Then I had some of my favorite
dog bones out in a nice circle. She thought that was funny and I had to laugh with her. I jumped up on the bed with my tail wagging and give her a kiss. She was a happy mom. I find it so interesting that she laughs at some of the most stupid things.

Moms, gotta love ém.

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