Vigilant Teli

After our walk-about on Sunday my mom took me to this thing happening in the Colon Park near our house. I was so glad she did.

These really nice ladies were in the park all dressed in black. They were doing some type or silent protest to bring attention to the things we do not like happening in my town.

They even let me put the tape on myself to show it was a silent protest. I really did not like the tape on my mouth. I figured I had a black mouth, what the people here call Boca Negra so why did I need black tape on it also, right? So I promised to be quiet so mom said I could just put it on my head. At least people knew I was part of the desire for some things to change in my Colonial Zone. Not all things need to change because I really love the Colonial Zone, the people and all the good stuff to see and smell.

The thing was for being Vigilant, which I am. I bet I know more things that happen on my street than most humans know.

I love watching out the window all the time, except when really loud noises come by and then I run and hide. I try to be brave but I just do not like big trucks and loud scary noises.

When we got home I did not want mom to take off my tape. I was so proud to be part of this silent protest and maybe make a difference.

You can read all about the Vigil for the Zone – The Ladies Make a Stand on my moms News Blog.

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