Attacked Twice In One Day

Mom and I started out on a walk about. We headed toward Cuidad Nueva for a little change.

Finally we were hot and needed to stop for a rest. We ended up at a nice place New Jersey Drink.

We were having a nice time just sitting at the little table watching the people passing by. Mom had a beer and I had a nice glass of water.

Then, out of nowhere, came a terrorist! A little Chihuahua came romping up the sidewalk towards us looking very determined (the dog is inside the red circle).

I like making friends and tried to say hi to this little creature. The dog was so crazy. It kept jumping up at me. It was peeing for me. I just do not understand why it was doing that. I had enough. I kept trying to get away from the little creepy terrorist but it just kept coming at me more determined than ever. That little rat-type dog was getting annoying and ruining our time relaxing. Mom said that we could go and get some pizza. I was so ready to get out of there!

We ordered our pizza. The people working in the Pizzarelli were very nice.

We sat on the wall to eat our pizza.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw it! The terrorist was running down the sidewalk at me again! Thank goodness its mommy came out and called it to come home. We were safe to sit and enjoy our pizza in peace.

All was good, at least I thought so. On the walk back to the Colonial Zone and home I was attacked again! We were just walking down the street minding our own business when a bird, out of nowhere, attacked me! It flew down off the power lines at me. It came close so we walked a little faster to get away from it. Then it dived at me and hit me! I jumped in the air. All four of my little feet were not touching the sidewalk. We ran a little farther down the street and the bird went back to its perch.

Then we saw it. There was a small nest in the lines. It was protecting its babies from me, the vicious attack dog. Like I could jump up that far into the electric lines and get those babies. Yeah right! At least now we know where the term “bird brain” came from. Stupid bird! (check footnote about the bird named Tyrannus Dominicensis)

The neighbors sitting watching and laughing said the bird attacks all the dogs and cats that pass by. Well, they were laughing but I didn’t think it was too funny. Let them get attacked by that bird and see if they laugh! Humans..they laugh at the most stupid things.

Finally we got back to MY street and MY Colmado, Colmado Omar I.

I was so happy to be in my little corner where I feel safe. No terrorist rat sized dogs and no bird brained attacking birds. I was safe and sound. Ahhh…

NOTE* The bird that attacked Teli is called a Tyrannus Dominicensis. Loosely translated Dominican Tyrant. A name very appropriate for this aggressive, loud bird. Other names for the bird are Pitirre or Grey Kingbird according to Wikipedia. Thanks Romy for the info.

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