Teli Christmas 2011, Part 2

My mom is trying to get me to be used to walking in the street and all the noise. She tells me that I am doing much better but I still get scared. I think I am doing better also. I am not pulling on the leash as much and that makes my neck feel so much better.

One noise I really hate is the Güira. It is that metal thing that people play, or think they play, music with. That sound is so annoying to my ears. My mom says she does not really like that sound either but at least she does not go into a panic mode when she hears it like I do. Now that mom knows I do not like that sound she tries to take me out of the place if someone starts playing that thing which I really appreciate. It is strange though, when I hear it on a recording with other music it does not bother my doggie ears. But when I hear it live it is sooo annoying. I do not know if other dogs feel the same but for those of you who like playing this instrument, if you see me somewhere, please try to not play it or at least tell my mom first so we can leave the place. Thank you.

A few days ago mom took me to a place to meet a friend of hers, now my friend too, that is a veterinarian. He will come to to your house if you live in the Santo Domingo area. This is how much he loves us animals. His name is Gabriel and his number is 809-272-7968. He also does grooming.

These are some pictures of me in the Colmado and some friends I met there. I had a good time.

Also, some human had a laptop computer. Mom and I told him to go to my blog and watch my Christmas Video Card. He and his friends laughed and laughed at my card. I love to hear the sound of those humans laughing. I am glad they enjoyed it.

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