The Ruinas del Monasterio de San Francisco – A Different View

Mom took me for another Walk-about around Colonial Zone. This time we went up the hill to the Ruins of San Francisco. This is an old and spooky looking place. It has so many interesting smells. Smells from the past to the present.

the back side of the ruinas de san francisco, zona colonial, santo domingo

I think I smelt a pirate. Mom said Sir Francis Drake destroyed this place and took over Santo Domingo around the year 1586 so maybe thats who I caught a whiff of. Cannot believe my sniffer works from that far back.

Teli looking at the ruins of san francisco

Mom said the main part of this monastery started being built in 1509. I really could care less about all those dates and stuff. All I know is the place is really old the same as most of the Zona Colonial. It looks really cool too.
ruinas de san francisco the chapels in distance

I thought it was interesting to see all those birds mom called pigeons all over the building. Mom said the park that I was in the neighbors call it pigeon park so maybe thats why all those birds are there. I am wondering where is the dog park (I can make a joke too).
Teli looking at the ruins of san francisco and all the pigeons

There are all sorts of strange rocks laying around the yard here. I wanted to check it out but mom said she did not want me going in there this visit. I think the place is haunted. I was a little nervous and it was not because of all the people and dogs around. This picture has two shadows on the far fence. Maybe they are ghosts??
the yard at the ruinas de san francisco

More history or the Ruinas del Monasterio de San Francisco and a picture slide show of the Ruins of San Francisco on my moms web site

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