Making a Movie at Fortelaza Ozama

Yesterday and today there has been lots of commotion in the street. The movie people are here making the movie “The Truth”. They took over the corner of my street yesterday. Now today, when I went for my morning walk at 6:30AM they were there. They were standing looking at me trying to take care of business in my usual place. Then lots of cars and a big truck came. They were banging in the truck taking things out. I do not like that kind of noise. It frightens me. But they did not care that they were intruding on my potty time. I peed but could not poop. Mom told me that she would take me out in a few hours because she understood. I just wanted to get back to my house and away from all the commotion.

I like MY Fort. I like MY morning pee and poop time quiet. But..NOOO…these strangers have to come and make it all difficult for me.

Normally the front of Fortelaza Ozama is quiet in the morning.
door of fortelaza ozama in colonial zone

There might be a person or two or a police man standing at the Puerta de San Diego but nothing like whats going on now. This is terrible.
police at door of fort ozama

Why can’t the movie making people come at a decent time and leave me to my quiet mornings? I guess this is the life when you are living in Colonial Zone.

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