Dominican Ticks/ Garrapatas

The first day I came to live in my new house my mommy took me for a walk. When I got home there were ticks all over my body. They were in my ears and between my toes. My hair is not very long so they really couldn’t hide there (In Spanish they call these nasty blood sucking creatures Garrapatas). She didn’t even think to check for them so when Aunt Kay came to bring me some special food that she sells in her pet store called Pet Plaza (I will write more about the store later), she checked me out. She said that she had this special tool to remove the ticks that she used for all her animals and she would bring it for me. She said there are lots of ticks in Dominican Republic.

The ticks here that have visited my body are much smaller than the ones my mom saw in USA (look at the big bugger at the bottom of this post). She tried to get pictures but she needs one of those really good cameras so these will just have to do. At least you will get the idea.

Normal size tick – garrapata. You can see the top of the alcohol bottle to gage the size.

Tcik – Garrapata close up and lightened-up to be seen better.

That night my mom said she had tick dreams. She told me that once she got Lyme Disease from a tick in USA and she has had a fear of these blood sucking pests ever since. She told me she heard form some people that there is Lyme Disease in Dominican Republic and others say it is not here. So really who knows? If anyone has any real information about this you can email me.

Deer tick from USA

(My mommy’s friend Phil gave us this ugly picture County

Aunt Kay came the next day and showed mom how to use the tool its called O’Tom Tick Twister or in Spanish Gancho Para Garrapatas. (Mommy has some of the tools in our house for sale for $189RDPesos if you live in the area of Colonial Zone you can send me an email and we can arrange for you to get yours). She got the tick in the tool and —all gone!– She put those nasty ticks in some alcohol and we watched them die! Bad bad ticks!

Tick removers

After the ticks were removed and the booboos cleaned up I got some Frontline Plus applied to the back of my neck. It didn’t even hurt! It has helped so much as I have not had 1 tick on me since. teli approval stamp

Please, please you mommies and daddies of pets all over the world. Do not let those blood sucking creatures on your loved ones. They make us itch and feel all over just plain nasty. Imagine how you would feel if things were sucking your blood and you could do nothing about it.

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