Suprised by the Old Mom

Mom was working and decided to take a little rest with me on the sofa. Then her cellphone rang.
teli relaxing on the sofa

When she was done talking she jumped up and told me we had to go outside and take a walk. Well, I get excited when I hear the word walk. I went directly to the bed and jumped up waiting for mom to hook the leash to my collar then off we went.

She kept telling me I was going to be surprised. We walked into my park in Colonial Zone, Plaza Pellerano Castro, which we have renamed Teli Park. All of a sudden I heard a whistle that was familiar. I lifted my head and I was surprised! It was my old mom! She was there sitting on the bench with her arms open and looking at me!

I ran right for her and greeted her with big wet Teli kisses. She was happy to see me too. She hugged me and talked to me. Then her and the new mom talked awhile and old mom gave new mom all my medical records and told her about my good and bad habits.

It was so good seeing the old mom and letting her know that I am happy with the new mom she chose for me. I hope she comes and visits me sometimes just to check in and let me give her a few Teli kisses.

Thanks for visiting me old mom!

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