My Park and the Eyes Across the Street

Almost everyday my mom and I walk to this park called Plaza Pellerano Castro. It is a nice quiet park with lots of places to sit and relax.

The park is named after some poet guy that lived a long time ago. My mom said his statue used to be on the pedestal there but its gone now. Maybe some day I will be a detective and sniff it out. Someone probably stole it to sell for scrap metal..humans, Ill never understand them.

Across the street from the park on the other side of Isabel la Catolica there is a door guarding a place where the humans living there park their cars. Someone painted eyes on that door. When I saw them the first time I jumped, but then mom says that I jump at everything (if you could see me right now I am rolling my eyes at her).

teli park - parque plaza castro

By the way, my mom and I have renamed the park to Teli Park. It is my park so mom said that I can call it whatever I want. I am there almost everyday so come and visit me sometime.

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