Watching The Wizard of OZ

After my evening walk and when mom is done working and checking her web site we like to lay back on the sofa and watch some TV or a movie on the Internet. Mom usually makes some popcorn for us. She likes hers with hot sauce and I like mine plain without salt or butter (I probably would like the salt and butter but NOOO, she will not let me have that).

teli all ready for a movie with popcorn

A few nights ago mom’s favorite movie of all time was on TV.  The Wizard of Oz, in Spanish it’s El Mago de Oz. She was so excited to share it with me. I could not figure out too much that was going on but she was singing every time the movie sang and talking along with the movie people. She liked to say “Toto too?”, “Run Toto, run!” and “If I only had a brain.” Do you think my mom could be a little crazy?

This picture she took when the nasty Wicked Witch was keeping Dorthy in her castle and Toto ran away to get help. I liked that part of the movie. Toto saved the day!

teli watching wizard of oz - run toto run

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