Watching the Tourists

I love watching people when they are not watching me. Just relaxing and observing. Maybe those tourists might notice me and not be afraid and give me a pat on the head. Or, even better, they might have some yummy type of food that I do not get at home and slip it to me when my mom is not looking. My mom is too protective sometimes. She will not let me eat anything on the street or take food from strangers unless she says it is OK. Well, I just wait until she looks the other way, grab whats there and chew really fast. She will never know. I know she does it because its best for me, you never know what someone will give you or if maybe someone does not like dogs and they put poison is it.

Just wait until I have my own business cards made, “Teli, The Dominican Dog”. With my own Blog and email address (forgot to add my email address is Then everyone will want to great me and give me treats.

teli calle las damas people watching

This picture was taken on the corner of Calle las Damas and Mercedes in Colonial Zone at the corner of the big building that echoes when I walk by, Casas Reales. It is a museum and used to be some place where the government did whatever they do. Someday I hope they let me go inside and smell all the good smells there. They have lots of old weapons, Taino stuff, Old maps and even a sugar extractor mill that I bet really has some great odors. They also have a few Peacocks in their patio that I would love to check out closer.



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