The Antique Flea Market

I was walking around Colonial Zone with my mom on Sunday.  My mom calls it her Walk-About and she told me that my sister, Sniffy, whom I never met, loved to do the long walks on Sundays. So if the sister liked it I have to at least give it the ole Inteliperra try. I was a little nervous because the day before there were lots of people and  cars in the street and they make me nervous. I am not used to walking in the street so close to vehicles and with all those people. It will take me some time to get used to this.

We walked by Plaza Toledo and they were having an Antique Flea Market. Mom explained to me that they do this every Sunday. I was sniffing around a bit and I smelt some things that did not seem like antiques to me but they were still nice. The people selling were nice also because they let me put my little black nose on their stuff so I could check it out. I could get to like this town.

Teli at Plaza Maria Toledo Antique Flea Market


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