I’m Teli!

I am Teli, short for Inteliperra. My mom said that I am smart and am not a human thus Inteli-perra not Inteligente. The new mom brought me into her home last Thursday night. Before I was living with my first mom who rescued me from deaths door. She took me in when I was just a little puppy, not old enough to take care of myself, and nursed me back to health. She gave me the name Pajarito. I sure love her and always will. Thanks to her I am alive and loved.

Teli, The Dominican Dog


The old mom had to move to a smaller apartment and she could not keep me. She searched and searched for the right home for me because she wanted me to have the best. Finally she found my new mom who loves me with equal love and dedication. So the old mom can let me go and not worry anymore about me. I have a home. But..the old mom can always come and visit me.

My mom lives in Colonial Zone, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. It is the oldest city in the New World. It can get noisy and a bit crazy here. Not at all what I am used to but I am starting to get used to it now. My apartment is a little small but mom takes me out walking alot so I can deal with it. I love having access to the bed and sofa which makes my sleeping and relaxing time much more comfortable.

I wanted to start a blog because my mom has a web site about Colonial Zone and Dominican Republic and she works alot on it so I wanted to be part of the web site building business. Thus, I made this blog. It is to share my views of Dominican Republic. My views on life. Places that are dog friendly so we know what restaurants and hotels will let us stay. Adoption agencies and businesses that help out dogs and other animals. Businesses that sell my food, toys and other stuff we dogs and other animals love. Veterinarians and Doctors that help to keep us healthy, even though I do not like vets very much, I know they are here to help me so I must respect them.

I am trying to find a design that my mom and I like and then a banner that I can live with. Then my blog and web site will be up and running for all to enjoy.

If you see me walking around the Zona Colonial with my mom make sure to say hi. I can understand Spanish, English, facial expressions and body language so just about anyone can talk to me.  Remember, I love cheese, not too much, a tiny tiny piece will be just fine, in case you want to give me a treat.

6 thoughts on “I’m Teli!

  1. Hi Teli. My name is Gracie. I live in New Mexico. My mom is Dominicana. We are going to be moving back to La Republica. Dad showed me your blog and I like reading about you in Santo Domingo. My mom was living in Gascue before New Mexico. We will be moving to Jarabacoa.

  2. Thanks Gracie. Glad you like my blog. You’ll love Jarabacoa its beautiful there. If you come to Colonial Zone let me know and we can meet.

  3. Hi Teli,

    I came from Texas to be a new member of my mommy and daddy in Santo Domingo. I am a weimaraner girl and I think we would hang pretty good. We would like to meet you some day.

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