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Movie Review – The Secret of Roan Inish

>”The Secret of Roan Inish”
This movie is one of my all time favorites. After I discovered it I bought it. When I moved to Dominican Republic out of all my movies I had collected (about 300 or so) I only took about 15 of my favorites with me (sold the rest) and this movie was one I saved.
It was made in1993 but it is a timeless movie. It is a fairy tale of sorts. About this young girl Fiona, who had to leave the city after the death of her mother and go live with her grandparents. They lived within view of their ancestral island called Roan Inish. It is called the island of the seals.
Fiona learns about the families history and why they left the desolate island. She learned about the old stories of the selkies and how they effected her family.
Since it is an Irish tale the music is wonderful. Celtic, happy music. I love the entire sound of this movie. The crispness of it. Like the time when Fiona was helping her grandfather stirring the tar pot for mending the boats to the sound of the water lapping against a little row boat when a seal was taking Fiona to the island of Roan Inish.
I give this movie 5 stars all around. From the soundtrack to the tale itself. It makes one fell happy and stirs the imagination. Netflix, Inc.