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Just a Few Wow-wees To Share

I so love taking pictures and have some wow-wees that need to be shared.

The very tall wall that surrounds the Fortaleza Ozama that you see when you enter the Colonial City crossing the Rio Ozama that was build by Trujillo. The name of this wall is Muralla de Felix Benito. Hanging way beyond reach of the top and bottom of the wall were these blown-out pair of blue jeans. Hmmm…how did they get there? Why is the entire center seam blown out? This is an area where it is very difficult even getting to so how I ask you, HOW did these jeans get there?

Pants on the Muralla de Felix Benito. Another wow-wee.

Pants on the Muralla de Felix Benito. Another wow-wee.

Riding on the Las Americas Highway this was a sight to behold. Really you see things like this ofter but it still amazes me that humans do not think of what could happen. There 2 humans were hanging out the back of this truck on a busy highway. The one kids foot was very close to the pavement. He better watch out or he could lose his yippie (thong, flop-flop, chankletta)…or more.

Perched precariously on the back of a truck

Perched precariously on the back of a truck

What do you do when you are working down a man hole and you take a break? You stick your head out of the hole and do a little reading. Why get all the way out of the hole? I hope the people passing by do not trip over the man.

Reading in a man hole

Reading in a man hole

Even a little Tayota thought it was funny.

Happy laughing Tayota

Happy laughing Tayota

I hope you have a happy day and are able to laugh at the wonderful things surrounding you. And remember..only in Dominican Republic.

White Face Bathroom Guy

I met some friends at a little cafe in the Colonial Zone for drinks. We were just sitting outside talking and laughing with the dogs at our sides.

After filling up on liquids it came my turn to head to the bathroom to make room for more liquids.

Now, let me tell a little history about me. Every time I have left a group of friends to visit the facilities I get lots of thoughts in my brain. What else is there to do whilst releaving ones self in a bathroom but think, am I right? Well, my friends in USA who knew me well got used to my coming out of the bathroom with a story. All would shut up when I came back to the group waiting with bated breathe for some astounding revelation to change life as all knew it. Ok, it was never that profound but you get the idea. So on with the story.

I got the key bearer with the key to the main door to the hallway to get to the bathrooms. The mens room is first and the door was open to see 2 stalls and a sink. No one was inside. Then was the ladies room straight ahead. The door was open as well.

There was a large type body bent over the sink with the paper can blocking the complete view of the face. Well, the face connected to the bending body looked up. To my surprise there was a mans face. A black mans face covered in white. First thing I thought was why is this guy doing white-face comedy as he was really funny looking.

His entire face was covered in shaving cream. The only thing that was the original color was the lips, surrounded completely in white, and of course his eye area. His eyebrows were even covered. He must have been one hairy beast to need to shave his entire face. Well, I just started laughing as he looked so funny standing there in the ladies room, the direction I was heading.

He started saying that he would get out and was apologizing for being in there. I then pretended I was afraid. I yelled Ghost (in Spanish) and jumped and grabbed onto the key bearing waiter guy still holding the main door open. He looked like he thought I was going to be angry cause of the guy in the ladies room so I scared him when I yelled.

The white faced black man was shaking his finger apologetically saying no, no that he wasn’t a ghost (as if I really thought he was) and coming toward me. The key bearer got the little dumb joke and was laughing. I put my hands up for him to stop and said it was ok and headed for the mens room. I drew an invisible line across the doorway and told them that this is MY bathroom now and DO NOT cross the line with a little half smile.

They had a dumbfounded chuckle look on their faces as I went to the mens room to take care of business and get the story right in my head for sharing later, giggling the entire time.

When I came out I realized that there was no water in the mens room so this is why he was shaving in the ladies room. So I headed to the ladies room to wash up. The ghost was gone replaced by a young lady washing her hands looking at me with a puzzled look as I walked out of the mens room with a big smile on my face (I was still laughing about the episode). I didn’t have the words to explain the story so I just kept laughing, washed my hands and got outta there with the girl smiling quizzically behind me.

I was so excited to tell the story when I got back to the table but they were into some serious discussion so I waited then the moment passed and I never got to share my bathroom experience.

Note to self – I have to train my new friends to wait for me to come out of the bathroom with a story and to stop all conversations when I exit the facility. They never know what could happen in a bathroom or what story can come into my head whilst sitting upon my throne.

Seat of My Jeans – All Gone

Well, heres the story.
Yesterday, same as always, I left the apartment and walked to the office. Took my stroll down Calle el Conde, stopped in Jumbos for a snack, then proceed on with my stroll to work, about 4 blocks.

I walked into the Gift Shop thats in front of the office as usual. Said hi to everyone and headed for the back to get on line. The girl that works here, Melanie, started laughing at me, coming at me like she had a funny story to tell. She turned me around, back side to the guys and Mamita sitting there. Then she told me as everyone was laughing. My jeans wore out and tore the entire length of the back pocket and my bare butt was showing through!

Those poor old jeans finally gave out. But why did they have to do it on my stroll down the Conde filled with Dominicans and tourists alike?? I have no idea how many humans saw my exposed flesh through the gaping hole on my backside. And of course the flesh is really white as my buttox does not get sun so it really stood out I’m sure. Thank goodness there wasn’t any sun out or my poor sun deprived cheek might have gotten a nasty sun burn.

Melanie dot me a scarf from the store and we tied it around my back side, Shakira style. Of course before I made the trek back home to change I had to post it on Facebook for my friends to get a good laugh. Before I went home I had to stop and have a beer with an American friend visiting here and share the story with him. Then I walked home, holding down the back of the scarf so it didn’t blow up in the breeze. I was watching the faces of the people I passed earlier to see if they were checking out my butt. This way I would know who saw my exposed narga.

I am still chuckling about this happening. Its funny but I hope it doesn’t happen again. I’m sure for many years to come before I leave the house I will, without thinking, run my hand up the back of my pants checking to make sure everything is in its place.

Funny Lables – conditioner

>I bought a bottle of leave in conditioner a few days ago. I was reading the label and it was just too funny I had to share.

(the brand of conditioner-I don’t want to mention the brand) “is an especially cream formula for conditioned, repair and protetion maximum of hair. Ours components conditioned, hydrates, protections and actuates differents capillaries capes aported of the hair to shine and volume repaired totally.
Application mode: Use uniformetly over to hair or humedity customer cumb it how you prefer. DO NOT MOVE IT.
The multifunctional products for:
*Dryer protection. Protect against chemical process + wave, tint, etc.
*Protection for climatic effect: Sun, Augamarine, and chlorophyll or another.
*Contribution the especial hydrate brillant.
*Intensive capillary repair.
*That especial for dryer with a blower and roll
*The aported of inmense volume.
*Protective rupture hair “

This is exactly how it was written. The product is great but the instructions, well, I just use it how I think best.

When I come across more I’ll let you know.