My Big First Job

>I needed to find a job and start being responsible again. I really wasn’t sure how to go about looking for work here in Dominican Republic so I did what I heard was a good thing and started asking people. They say its not what you know but who you know so I started asking around.

Alex had a friend who knew a guy that had a business and needed a secretary that knew English. I was no secretary and thought it would be so boring because I’m so used to being around people, talking and having fun while I work. But I decided to go see the man anyhow. So I made an appointment for the next day and found out where the place was.

I didn’t have any secretary-type clothes so I just put on a pair of white pants and shirt and started walking. It wasn’t that far from where I lived so this was a good thing. But a bad thing happened. It started raining! It came down hard. Dirt from the road splashing up on my white pants. I did have a little folding umbrella which didn’t do much in the Dominican downpour. So by the time I got there, about a 15 minute walk, I wasn’t looking my best.

I walked up to the door and there was a man getting in his car. He asked me who I wanted and I told him. This was the guy I was looking for! He was leaving and I was 5 minutes early. He told me to get in the car and he would take me home and we could talk. So I did as told and it ended up he was a really nice man and he gave me the job even though I had never been a secretary, had never used Microsoft Word, didn’t have the right clothes and couldn’t speak Spanish well.

So ,of course, I had to celebrate. I got Sniffy and went to the Colmado and we celebrated my new job. I really didn’t want the job but I needed it. Oh well, this is life

I went there the next day. I found out the business was called Grant Thorton. I didn’t know what they did until about a month later. They are an accounting firm. Mainly what I did was play on the computer. Practice with Word. Get the Faxes out of the machine and put them in a bin. Check the emails and answer them if they were in English ( maybe 1 to 2 emails a day). I was very busy (sic). I was really BORED. I couldn’t even answer the phones. I couldn’t understand what the people were saying. I’d puck up the phone and then yell to Martha of Jennifer to help me.

I told the boss that if I didn’t think I could do the job or didn’t like it to let him know. They would give me 3 months to try it out. When the 3 month time was up I was waiting until he wasn’t busy to go and talk to him when I was called into a meeting. They all had these sad looks on their faces. I hurried and said I had to quit and they looked so much better. They said they felt bad. I didn’t feel bad at all. I was so bored there. The people were great but I just wasn’t the secretary type.

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