Animal Protection Laws

If you try to poison animals or hurt them and you are caught you will have trouble! The law here in Dominican Republic will get you.

My country now has animal protection laws and they are being enforced, led by one of my favorite people, Dra. Marilyn R. Lois Liranzo (fudpral), the defender of us animals.

I am Teli and I approve this video.

I am Teli and I approve this video.

The law “Ley de Protección Animal y Tenencia Responsable” / “Animal Protection Act and Responsible Ownership”
Versión alterna del Proyecto de ley sobre Protecci ón Animal, expediente No.00943 Al 27 de junio de 2012. / Alternate version of the Draft Law on Protection Animal ng, file No.00943 At June 27, 2012.

This is a link to the entire PDF document. Please save it. Translate it if you do not speak Spanish. Use it for reference. Share it with all your friends. YES. We have animal protection laws and YES they are enforced.

If you see animal cruelty and abuse happening this information is very important. Save this phone number 809-480-9348.

Dominican Republic Animal Cruelty Contact Information

Dominican Republic Animal Cruelty Contact Information

This is a news broadcast of the prime suspect in the poisoning of puppies in Plaza Señor Mio, San Carlos, Santo Domingo, being notified that she will be brought up on charges on suspicion of violating the law 248-12.

I am Teli and I approve this video.

I am Teli and I approve this video.


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9 thoughts on “Animal Protection Laws

  1. The truth is that, there are many flaws to be correct it on this legislation, no guide lines has been established for it; no one has been convicted to a prison sentence. The special police, established by this legislation, has not been created; regular police s troops, with not training are being used instead. The Dominican police force, has been demonstrated to be not friendly to animals. No a support platform structure has been created to enforce this law. it is no possible for anyone to file an effective legal complaint, regarding this animal protection legislation, unless the Special DA is directly involved with the case. there are not alternative options for some violation specified on this bill, like, you are not allowed to abandoned animals, in the cases whereas an animal becomes an physical threat to his guardian, the government do not offer the possibility to take the animal to a shelter or a rehab facility with professional on animal behavior. also, the legislation prohibit leaving animal carcasses on public places; but the government do not have any other options, like a public crematory, as a matter of fact the Dominican Republic, do not have a way to appropriate dispose of dangerous biological disposal of animal origin, which is very important specially in the cases of rabies, that could be transmitted to other animals by eating contaminated animal s carcasses.

    You may publish my email address, I would love to debate with anyone interested in animal welfare, about this legislation. I also, hope that you are democratic enough to allow the readers to see my point of view.

    • At least it is a start. I know many are working to make the laws and training better. It takes time. It takes re-training all attitudes things that have been in beaded in the minds of the people for centuries. Attitudes about dogs and animals have changes much since I came here with my dog 14 years ago. I was the only person in my neighborhood to walk a dog on a leash. Now it is a common sight. The only place to get dog food was the very large supermarkets. Now you can get pet food in the Colmados. When I had an emergency dog situation on a Saturday evening there was not one vet open out of more than 20 I called and the emergency numbers, which only a few had, no one answered. Now there are 24 hour emergency vet services everywhere. There are also many rescue people when back then the only place around was PADELA. I am just happy that things are changing even if its happening slowly.

  2. Thank you for publishing and I understand the way you see it, our culture has some rotten fact, that you may not understand yet.

    • But aren’t you working to make the laws better with Dr. Lois and SODOPRECA? All governments and cultures are rotten and have hidden agendas but its still important to try and do what we can to make improvements.

  3. WeI’ve been trying for many years, the main problem here is that most people trying take desition, have not academic background in animal welfare, and want to make desitions solely in their love for animals, and the problem needs a little more than that.

  4. Good points Marcos and Teli and thanks for the realistic and informative insights.
    The problem is paradoxically reciprocal: there is not enough compassion or empathy for humans let alone animals and the lack of compassion and empathy for animals corresponds to the lack of compassion and empathy toward human beings. We tend to feel a little more sympathy for the animals because they have no voice and cannot help themselves as people can with their voices. A caring heart is a caring heart and the vast majority of those who help and care for animals are also doing what they can for disadvantaged people as well.
    These are complex interrelated issues and situations that will take time and continued focused and concerted effort to remedy. It all begins with awareness and the expansion of it.
    Thanks for your work in this regard.

  5. The issue is enforcement as well. I have gone to the fiscalia and police many times to report animal abuse I have seen and sometimes they take the information and sometimes they don’t. They have laughed at me and don’t seem to care at all. The police barely do the job of protecting the people. I have neighbors who were robbed and called the police who never came, I know people who have recorded activity and use the App de Policia RD and attached location, photos, and videos and nothing has been done and all of my complaints about animal abuse went ignored as well. Until the people change and the police enforce what citizens report, NOTHING will change. I have a neighbor who has 3 dogs that bark day and night and we are unable to sleep and during the day it is so bad that I have to go out in the car just to have some peace. In other countries, none of these things would be ok but here it is acceptable and who do I have to help me?

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