Scarf Attack

Mom and I were lying in bed. She was doing her normal thing playing with her little square thingy she calls Kindle.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed something that was different, out of place, just not quite right. I wanted to show my bravery and alert my mom just in case it was something bad. This black blob that did not belong there was atop the room divider.

I jumped up and growled some more, my hair standing up on my back to show extra effect. Mom grabbed her stick she keeps by the bed. I was brave and ran into the living room to get some speed up so I could attack full force this invading black blob.

I returned, jumped on the bed and was really showing my strength by growling with my hair up on my entire back this time. I really looked tough. Then my mom reached up and pulled the black thing down onto the bed. I jumped up for the attack then realized that it was just a scarf. Relief.

I really knew what it was the entire time. I just wanted to show mom that I could be brave and that I notice when something is different in the room.

Teli holding the attack scarf

Teli holding the attack scarf

I attacked the scarf and threw it around a bit while mom laughed and called me her viscous attack dog afraid of a little scarf. Didn’t she realize that I was just doing that to make her laugh and show her how brave I could have been?

Moms…I just cannot figure out humans. (Mom wrote her own version of this story on her blog Life and Times of the Dominican Gringa)

2 thoughts on “Scarf Attack

  1. way to go Teli, you protect your Mommy because you never know if those scarfs will bite……..Mammy

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