Prices in Dominican Republic March 1,2012

I like to keep people up to date on the cost of items in Dominican Republic as I can.

Exchange rate today (more or less things can go up and down a few cents many times a day)
*United States Dollar Buy RD$38.95
*United States Dollar Sell RD$39.08
*Euro Buy RD$52.00
*Euro Sell RD$53.00

Fuel Prices (the prices of gasoline and propane this morning as listed in the papers. Some places it could be a little lower or higher)
*Premium RD$277.50 = USD$7.12
*Regular RD$211.10 = USD$5.42
*Diesel RD$197.10 = USD$5.06
*Propane RD$103.40 = USD$2.65

Some imported food prices from the last week when I went shopping. These are food, staples and other items not made in Dominican Republic (other than 7up which is produced here)
*Heinz Relish (10oz) $87 = USD$2.23
*Heinz Ketchup (14oz) $83 = USD$2.13
*Kraft Italian Dressing (8oz) $74 = USD$1.90
*Franks Red Hot (12oz) $166 = USD$4.26
*Can A & W Root Beer $30 = USD$.77
*7up (16oz) $20 = USD$.51
*Absolut Vodka (1 liter) $941 = USD$24.16
*Colgate Max Fresh Toothpaste (75ml) $96 = USD$2.46
*Secret Deodorant (1.7oz) $113 = USD$2.90
*Purina Dog Food Chow Adult (8.8lb) $415 = USD$10.65
*Pedigree Dog Food Beef Can (13.2oz) $61 = USD$1.57

I do not know what the prices are in USA or other countries. If anyone has these prices it would be very interesting to compare.

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